Shutter island
Scenic locale for memories. Photo: R.K. Radhakrishnan | The Hindu

Being the best man in Sinhalese weddings is kinda cool. You get to look like a royal, wear clothes that you might have only dreamed of, and get to pose for a zillion photo shoots.

Weddings are a serious business in Sri Lanka — like anywhere — and involve a lot of “acting” on the part of the bride, groom and the “best people.” They have to be present for elaborate photoshoots and video sessions, and generally travel to picturesque locations to enhance the visual impact. The attire is entirely Kandyan, and was once worn by Kandyan royalty in their heyday. The style of wearing the saree too is distinctly different.

Many entourages also reach the Galle Fort and pose for pictures at a variety of locations, including the ramparts and elsewhere. In the picture above, one troupe is making its way down after a photo shoot, even as the clouds are about to burst out in joy.

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