Oct 26, 2014 02:18 AM
After being featured on The New York Times’ ‘52 Places to Go in 2014’, it is now on Lonely Planet’s list of 10 best cities to visit It’s not often that Chennai makes it on a must-visit list, but 2014 seems to have been the c
Oct 26, 2014 02:16 AM
Many single working women confess that finding accommodation in Chennai can be a nightmare The city boasts of being one of the ‘safest metros’ in the country, especially for women. However, many single working women confess that finding acco
Oct 26, 2014 02:19 AM
Clear skies dominated Saturday, but the past week’s rain has had a devastating impact on the city’s roads and disrupted daily life.While waterlogging continues in several areas, particularly in the suburbs, elsewhere, residents are left with b
Oct 26, 2014 02:20 AM
It’s bad enough when Chennai is bright and sunny, but navigating the city when it rains is a tortuous affair for disabled residents. With damaged roads and footpaths that are narrow, broken or overflowing with garbage, wheelchair users and those usin
Oct 26, 2014 02:20 AM
Potholes and water stagnation are common during the monsoon, but with proper planning and maintenance, damage to roads can be avoided, say experts. When water stagnates on an asphalt road, the aggregate layer (gravel or sand) separates from the bitumen (th
Oct 26, 2014 08:50 AM
Traffic flow was briefly interrupted on Muthusamy Salai near Fort station, when construction material flowed out of the Metro Rail construction site there, on Saturday. As the soil in the area was loose, the construction material foam flowed out of t
Oct 26, 2014 02:17 AM
Live call-in shows, where you get to share your opinion on new movies and talk to your favourite stars and film-makers, have always been popular among the television audience. With popular demand, Pesum Natchathiram, a live show where viewers get to int
Oct 26, 2014 02:17 AM
They are driven primarily by cinema and current affairs CHENNAI: There was a time when television channels filled up their slots with game shows, and entire families would gather in front of the television to watch Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Cr
Oct 25, 2014 07:54 PM
Ramayon Keishing brings the flavours of the region to the city Forty five-year-old Ramayon Keishing has been living in Chennai for 18 years now. He realised there are many from the North East who have made the city their home. But it is difficult for
Oct 25, 2014 07:51 PM
Every time there is a downpour, Santhome High Road gets drenched up to the neck. The Corporation has shown tremendous improvement in clearing the roads of rainwater following heavy showers. Its track record seems to have improved, except on Santhome H
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