Jan 31, 2015 07:28 PM
The film by and about pop-guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is the reason why chairperson Leela Samson and nine members resigned from the Censor Board. The Messenger of God has been in the news since the first trailer, making its hero (who goes by the name Sa
Jan 31, 2015 07:22 PM
Lakshmi Menon is bored stiff of paavadai-dhavanis and village stories. She tells that she wants to take a break and do all the things teenagers do The world may look at Lakshmi Menon as the girl with the Midas touch, whose very presence in a film guarant
Jan 31, 2015 07:08 PM
Brushing off detractors who believe that it doesn’t behove a Carnatic singer to be associated with cinema, Sudha Ragunathan tells she will be composing music not just for one but two Vasanth films, this year Sudha Ragunathan, the Carnatic vocalist,
Jan 31, 2015 06:48 PM
Veteran director S. A. Chandrasekhar’s swan song, Touring Talkies, is made up of two separate stories, split by the interval. The first film has him playing Anthony, a 75-year-old millionaire, fighting for his life, in search of his long-lost lover.
Jan 31, 2015 07:10 PM
Ekta Kapoor aims to come out with films that will enhance every moviegoer’s experience — with Dolby Atmos sound While Sushant Singh Rajput is practising the helicopter shot to play M.S. Dhoni in the biopic, Emraan Hashmi is training under Moh
Jan 31, 2015 07:20 PM
Who is he? Senegalese film director, producer, scenarist and author who wrote and directed close to 10 feature films between the mid-sixties and the mid-2000s. Sembène, who once worked at the docks and was conscripted in the French Army, started ou
Jan 31, 2015 07:18 PM
As Friday morning jitters make way for jubilation, the director of Hawaizaada, Vibhu Puri, compares his dream of making a film to that of making the world’s first-ever aeroplane by an Indian inventor It wasn’t a rom-com. It wasn’t a &#8
Jan 31, 2015 07:15 PM
With The Lunchbox nominated for a BAFTA, maker Ritesh Batra tells that his job is to tell honest Indian stories Ritesh Batra believes each film has its own journey. If so, then The Lunchbox is on a long and successful one, with the latest feather being i
Jan 31, 2015 06:44 PM
How much can you fictionalise an ongoing murder investigation? Is it fair or sensitive to the parents and relatives of the child coping and dealing with the loss? The strange and mysterious Aarushi Talwar murder case has inspired at least two films based
Jan 31, 2015 06:39 PM
Inventing something new or doing something never done before involves a lot of excitement. If you are able to capture and contain that excitement in a paragraph of writing, or a scene or even a song, you have a winner. Sadly, Hawaizaada, despite all the
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