Aug 24, 2014 12:46 AM
In 2013, a showowner had killed himself due to suspected police excess Saturday’s incident is not the first for the K.G. Nagar police station. In April 2013, a 53-year-old man killed himself after being repeatedly questioned by the police in conne
Aug 24, 2014 12:30 AM
The Cyber Crime Cell of Goa Police on Saturday declined to register an FIR against activist Teesta Setalvad based on a complaint filed on Friday against her for uploading an image of a Hindu goddess on a social networking site. The complaint was filed at
Aug 24, 2014 12:22 AM
Ameeta Chavan, wife of former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, is likely to contest the Maharashtra Assembly elections from his former constituency Bhokar in Nanded, senior Congress sources told The Hindu. Mr. Chavan vacated the Assembly constituency to conte
Aug 23, 2014 08:19 PM
Arya is busier than ever. Producing his second film, acting in three, making plans for a fourth. He takes time off to talk to Sudhir Srinivasan Arya belongs to that rare breed of actors adored by directors and producers alike. While directors love him f
Aug 23, 2014 07:57 PM
The Expendables 3 does have the odd, oddly entertaining one-liner — but filling in the blanks between all the action-hero small talk is one heck of a lot of bang-bang action. So the selling proposition of the film is the latter stuff; and that stu
Aug 23, 2014 07:55 PM
Director Gaurav about his cop film with Vikram Prabhu and Sathyaraj Cop films in Tamil cinema are often mere star vehicles, piling one action set piece over another to dazzle audiences. They rarely delve deep into the life of a policeman. But director G
Aug 23, 2014 07:50 PM
Director M. Jeevan returns with Mosakutty, another village-based subject At the outset, director Jeevan makes it clear that he draws heavily from personal experiences for his stories. That explains why this former cinematographer (Kokki), who hails from
Aug 23, 2014 07:49 PM
Director Sriprawin says that in Usilampatti, where his upcoming film Porkuthirai is set, there are people who take pride in their bravado. Having worked under Ram Gopal Varma and with his affinity for Balu Mahendra’s films, Sriprawin wants his chara
Aug 23, 2014 07:47 PM
WHO is he? American film artist and theorist who created over 350 experimental works of short and feature length in a number of formats between the early fifties and the early 2000s. Brakhage dropped out of film school in the fifties, deciding to make e
Aug 23, 2014 07:45 PM
1. Who is organising ‘SLAM! The Tour’ in the US in September and to promote what?2. Which actress is to make her comeback in the Tamil remake of the Malayalam hit How Old Are You?3. Michael Winterbottom’s Trishna is said to be inspired by
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