Citizen's Reviews: Bollywood Kee-Maa
A scene from ' Bollywood Kee-Maa' by Evam (Bangalore) Photo: K. Ananthan | The Hindu
A scene from ' Bollywood Kee-Maa' by Evam (Bangalore) Photo: K. Ananthan | The Hindu

The winning review: Where were the comedians?

Bollywood Kee Maa is more a directorial and conceptual triumph than a tribute to 100 years of cinema. Unique dramatic devices brought title credits, flashback and slow motion to the stage. Every situational cliche and stereotypical character found expression - the screechy heroine, the clean-cut hero and even Lord Shiva! Through all the twists, re-twists and untwists of a standard masala movie, one question emerged. Why, Evam? Why were star comedians such as Mehmood, Johnny Lever, Johnny Walker, missing?

Dr. Manjusri Nair

Isha home School

A tribute

This play is a perfect tribute to 100 years of Indian cinema. The director had taken pains to recreate the smallest details from the cinema of the 70s, 80s and 90s — the hero’s mother losing her eyesight, flowers coming together in amorous scenes, the hero angrily demanding justice from God, flashbacks…

Priya Harikumar


Great fun

We celebrated 100 years of Indian cinema with nahis, bachaos, dishum and dichkyaun. It was sheer nostalgia and entertainment for 75 minutes. The actors were energetic, and the props, lighting and music were used well. Though its title was Bollywood KEE-MAA, it proved to be ‘Entertainment KA BAAP’.

Seema Vashistha


Masala entertainment

The props were minimal and their use commendable. The lack of substance was compensated by the actors’ swagger. The play brought the fest to a warm conclusion.


Saibaba Colony

No spoof this

Was this a spoof? It seemed like a collection of stupid Bollywood movies.

P. Prem Kumar

Best suited for TV

The play was mediocre. The actors and props were good but the storyline left a lot to be desired. It was like watching a comedy show on television. Such Bollywood rip-offs are best reserved for TV, where we can use the remote control. With such good talent, the evam team should look at enacting better comedies.

Anuradha Yogesh

G.D. Naidu Nagar

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