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Colours of the world: At 'Flavours 24' Photo:M.Periasamy | The Hindu
Colours of the world: At 'Flavours 24' Photo:M.Periasamy | The Hindu
Colours of the world: At 'Flavours 24' Photo:M.Periasamy | The Hindu

There’s something to be said about eating flavoured yoghurt. Especially one that looks just like ice cream, tastes almost like it, but, claims to be non-fat! Which is why a visit to Flavours 24, the newly opened frozen yoghurt outlet in R.S. Puram, is in order.

Once you get over the mental block of eating frozen thayir, get ready to party. When we visit, C.B. Shivvakumar, the CEO of the Coimbatore franchise, takes over the many machines, churns out creamy low-sugar and no-sugar yoghurt, adds your choice of flavour, blends it, and then serves it on a cup, whirl after creamy whirl.

In the mood to experiment, I try out the peanut butter yoghurt. It takes a while getting used to the salty, nutty yoghurt. Next up is orange, probably the best on offer. It’s pale orange, mildly sweet and has a lovely tanginess. The mellow yellow cantaloupe is next. Strawberry and blackberries are apparently hot favourites. Other flavours include grape, tender coconut, espresso, rum, cotton candy and bubble gum.

They also offer parfaits (Rs. 140 and Rs. 150), a blend of yoghurt flavours and many toppings. The yoghurt used is made out of a pre-mix and is said to contain beneficial probiotics. One just wishes the yoghurt was blended with real fruit instead of flavouring.

Flavours 24 also offers an extra thick milk shake (Rs. 60; double flavour: Rs. 75). I taste the strawberry-flavoured one, whisked smooth. A must-try. Mention must be made of the toppings. There is a range of diced fresh fruit and crunchy dry fruits, including really sweet figs. No surprises here as the same people run Nutsbay, the dry fruit outlet.

(Plain yoghurt is priced at Rs. 50 (little) and Rs. 90 (regular). Flavoured yoghurt is priced at Rs. 60 and Rs. 110, respectively. Toppings cost extra. The store is at 138, West TV Samy Road (facing Puniyakodi Street), near Kamakshiamman Temple. For details, call 95855-30495).

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