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Colour oxide flooring fell out of popularity in the Seventies and was relegated to being more or less a poor man's option. Designers with an earthy eye are trying for its revival.
Colour oxide flooring fell out of popularity in the Seventies and was relegated to being more or less a poor man's option. Designers with an earthy eye are trying for its revival.
The modest and earthy red-oxides were nearly forgotten, but for a few architects who showed the imagination to keep them going in spite of the drawbacks they pose. »
GET IMAGINATIVE: Used bottles for the ceiling, cycle tyre wheels on the gate, waste residue-moulded tiles … the choice is yours

Too good to waste

Old keyboards, tea chests, rubble, metal junk? Use it all, says Nandhini Sundar, showcasing a centre in Ahmedabad that tastefully combines waste management with green architecture »
GROW YOUR OWN VEGETABLES The Srirams in a marigold patch

Meet the green thumbs

A couple in Chennai has started a company to boost organic farming and teach you to grow your own veggies. »
A wide range to choose from Colourful trays

Old technique, new designs

Here’s a design brand, Amalgam, that merges tradition with modernity, style with function. »
TRULY TRANSFORMED The bedroom after redesigning

Dream home in seven days

A Chennai-based interior design firm has transformed an everyday bedroom into a luxurious living space in just one week. »
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Randall Stout
July 18, 2014

Remembering Randall Stout, architect of nature

Randall Stout, an environmentally sensitive architect who earned a reputation for designing dynamically shaped regional museums, died of cell cancer on July 11 at the age of 56. Stout was an assoc... »
HOPE AHEAD for housing crisis
July 18, 2014

Boost to Chennai market?

The recent announcements in the budget have been positive for the housing sector. The residential real estate segment has been passing through challenging times over the last year, with sales velo... »
It is time to shop around and get the best deal which also leaves some extra money in your wallet.
July 18, 2014

What the Budget offers?

The maiden budget presented by the NDA Government has been quite productive for the real estate sector, including some goodies doled out for home loan borrowers. Since a lot of expectations were bu... »
July 18, 2014

Issues to ponder over before buying a flat

At least seven children aged less than 14 years in an apartment complex in Mumbai have been victims of a violent female dog, who has dug her fangs into them with little fear of retaliation or retr... »
The overhead tank can providewater for two days.
Bangalore,July 18, 2014

Tanks to the rescue

The new building in the neighbouring plot is getting built. A new construction requires water, for the building purpose itself as well as for the workers who will be constructing it. Unfortunately... »
July 11, 2014

Down to earth

For some readers, the title ‘Down to Earth’ may sound very familiar. Congratulations, for you could be among the readers of the fortnightly magazine by that name published by the “Center for Scienc... »
July 11, 2014

Behind all that jazz

The much discussed topic of green and sustainability has somehow focused more on construction and architecture, largely ignoring interior design – both as an ideology and a profession. No wonder ec... »
A familiar scene in all cities
July 11, 2014

Landfills no solution

Protests by people affected by landfill for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) at Mandur have rudely woken up the city fathers to the political risks which this kind of disposal of MSW poses around Ba... »
July 11, 2014

How the industry reacted

Anshuman Magazine, CMD, CBRE South Asia:The biggest announcement for the real estate sector was SEBI being directed to introduce REITs in India. We expect this to provide alternative... »
EMERGING ISSUES Regulation is needed above all. Buildings coming up rapidly in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. PHOTO PAUL NORONHA
July 11, 2014

In need of a BIG brother

The clamour for better enforcement in the real estate industry is louder in Tamil Nadu than ever before, following the collapse of the building in Moulivakkam that caused 60 fatalities and injured... »

Turn your dorm around

Water wisdom

Cement crisis building up

On artificial wetlands

Increasingly technology-driven

Erasing eyesores

Look up and bring more aesthetics

No surprises in monetary policy

The appropriately designed building of the Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies in Puducherry
July 18, 2014

Green has to be in

Internationally acclaimed environmentalist R.K. Pachauri says India urgently needs ‘green buildings’ to ensure sustainable use of energy and water. Pachauri said it is estimated that most of the b... »
Ensure that the guest room is thoroughly cleaned
July 18, 2014

That welcome touch

In these busy times, houseguests are a luxury that most of us can ill-afford. But having guests over doesn’t really have to be tedious. A little planning and investment in a few ‘bells a... »
As far as the real estate sector is concerned, the builders/promoters as also the consumers have something to cheer about in this Union Budget.
July 18, 2014

Growth, on the ‘middle path’

Despite the general impression that the new Government in Delhi may take a different path in policies and programmes as compared to the UPA, the budget has, by and large, followed the conventional... »
Changing lifestyle is reflected on changing living rooms
Bangalore,July 18, 2014

Avoid polluting indoors

Let us imagine a hotel lobby or an auditorium built 50 years ago, with the most stylish interior designing possible in those days. Let us also imagine a comparable lobby or hall today, which by de... »
Bangalore,July 18, 2014

LEED with a regional perspective

The U.S. Green Building Council was in Bangalore last week to tie up an extra local stamping to its international LEED rating, making it more relevant to India. “Our multi-city trip to India will... »
July 11, 2014

Aluminium all the way

The construction sector in India is emerging as the largest end-user of aluminium which is finding ever new applications due to qualities that make it an ideal replacement for wood and steel. This... »
July 11, 2014

Fashion in your backyard

We talk of using local and natural materials. We talk of recycling, reusing and reducing. We talk of orienting it right. We talk of green architecture. How about introducing one more to this green... »
At the membrane bio-reactor waste-water recycling plant in Cubbon Park
July 11, 2014

From ‘black’ to crystal clear

Of the many challenges confronting Indian cities, the management of sewage or waste-water is one of the biggest. Our storm-water drains, lakes and rivers are filled with it, making the quality of o... »
July 11, 2014

Remember Kanakambaram?

Remember these flowers? Orange-hued kanakambaram, December Poo that blooms in winter in exquisite shades of lavender and other colours; the conch-shaped sangu pushpam; the andhi mandarai or... »
BACK TO GLORY DAYS Conservation work in progress atNeela Gumbad Photo: Sandeep Saxena
July 11, 2014

Tile by tile

Patience and perseverance are the virtues of an experienced conservationist. More so when the task at hand is a complex exercise to transform a dilapidated Mughal-era monument into an illuminating... »

All’s WELL in this house

A vicious cycle

Looking forward to new cities

Exposing the wall

Reaching new heights

Looking up to the sky

Bridge the gap