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Urban farming is being identified world over as a way to overcome the looming food crisis
Urban farming is being identified world over as a way to overcome the looming food crisis
Is it time to make kitchen gardens mandatory, asks Hema Vijay »
Sanjay Puri's design

Indian architectural firm wins in Cannes

Sanjay Puri Architects has won the MIPIM Artchitectural Review Future Project Award for its upcoming project, Mumbai Sky Court »
An agriculturist by profession Ramakrishnappa had to give up farming on his two-acre land because his 750 ft. deep borewell went dry.WATERWISE

Water warrior

The inspiring story of villager Ramakrishnappa whose life is now dedicated to water conservation and water harvesting »
IGBC is highlighting the fact that it has recently crossed 2 billion sq. ft. of registered green building footprint in India

Green homes are not ‘costly’

India has the second largest IGBC-registered green building footprint in the world, says Syed Beary of IGBC-Bangalore in an interview with Ranjani Govind »
Home to over a dozen cottages, with a tree house and spa, the structures display thatched roofs and stone clad exteriors, the walls employing random rubble masonry.

Perfect merger

The eco-resort Gorukana is a set of has thoughtfully built dwellings which display a high sensitivity to the biodiversity, leaving the least possible footprint, says Nandhini Sundar »
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You can use vines to beat the heat withgreenery, reducing your electricity bills and more.
April 18, 2014

How to choose the right vine

The tropics offer us a dazzling array of flowering, foliage, and vegetable vines to choose from, so whether you have a large garden or an apartment balcony, you can find just the right vine for you... »
Rooftop rainwater can also be led into these defunct borewells, again after making sure that the rooftop is clean and filtration is done.
April 18, 2014

Using defunct borewells

It mostly takes a tragedy for us to act as a society. It is possible that India has about 30 million borewells, the world’s largest number. The drilling of borewells is a flourishing industry where... »
Otto Koenigsberger, the chief architect and Planner of Mysore State between1939 and 1948.
bangalore,April 11, 2014

The story behind…

Bangalore has seen many transitions, from being a Pensioner’s Paradise to a Garden City and now an IT city. In the process, however, little histories have been either forgotten or lost. Architect a... »
Paper Boat's Christmas Pop-Up store
April 11, 2014

Pop-Ups to the rescue

You are a designer, young or middling. You have a product and you believe in it. It’s gone through the grunge, the passion of creative twiddling and the excruciating pains at the workbench to reali... »
Invest in smaller cities for your sunset years
April 11, 2014

Homing in on small towns

Costs are spiralling, nuclear families are the norm and old-age savings seem to go only a little distance as life expectancies rise. Inflation is a savings guzzler for the elderly. Yet, it seems di... »
Lights play an important role in Smitha's designs. Photo: Murali Kumar K.
bangalore,April 9, 2014

Space is her canvas

Smitha Zachariah loves to play with textures, colours and light. Space for her is like a canvas. You guessed right – Smitha is an interior designer. After a course at Shristi School of Desig... »
In one of his residence projects which is a tree house, Ravindra has erected the structure using arecanut barks and recycled steel salvaged from railway tracks.
April 4, 2014

Timber house

Dip back into the past when construction methodologies were totally simple, the structures erected with mud, stones and of course, timber. The interiors, not surprisingly, were cool during hot summ... »
One of the largest challenges for a poly-house based cultivation is the requirement of water. File Photo.
chennai,April 4, 2014

Try out poly-houses

With a growing economy and growing urbanisation there is an increasing demand for fruits , flowers and vegetables in our cities. Catering to this demand offers a good potential for farmers and veg... »
Though the headline inflation has tapered down, the RBI is in no mood to reduce the key rates. File Photo.
chennai,April 4, 2014

With an eye on the poll outcome

The first bi-monthly monetary policy of RBI for 2014-15, as expected, had no surprises. The CRR and the Repo Rates were untouched at four and eight per cent respectively. CRR is the portion of depo... »
bangalore,April 4, 2014
green sense

Lintels and ‘overdesigning’

How often do we try discussing with the elderly people at home about getting a building done? The general experience is about the difficulties in forging a dialogue, due to differing construction p... »

Chilling inside

Creating ‘successful’ cities

A helping hand for the investor

Sitting pretty

Takeaway décor

Trees for the season

Battling black money

Floral fences

Chausath Yogini is certainly worth a visitand a monument to be preserved for theintricacy and beauty of its architecturalcontent.
April 18, 2014

The pride of Hirapur

We make a digression on the Bhubaneshwar-Puri highway to hit the village road leading to Hirapur, 15 km from Bhubaneshwar. Our Innova deftly snakes its way through narrow alleyways flanked by mud h... »
Thicker the arch and stronger the side wall, the wider can be the arch with greater load.
April 18, 2014

Building an arch

It is strange to see how the horizontal and straight line has come to dominate building construction, especially in lintels, beams and roofs. Most of us may not know that early humans did not creat... »
Red Silk Cotton
April 11, 2014
the plot

Rendezvous with red

When people see red, they are virtually and idiomatically being indignant. But when they ‘really’ see red, it could be in a range of shades as apple red, blood red, cherry red, coral red, crimson r... »1 comment
It is said that a hectare of bamboo plantation can absorb 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air annually
April 11, 2014

Bamboo power

Bamboo, due to its fast growing property, is emerging as a leading supplier of biomass for power generation units as well as a cash crop. Of late, its positive contribution to the ecology has also... »
Arches can be built within the foundation to hold up the whole building.
mysore,April 11, 2014

Adopt an arch

Let us imagine a school organising a student contest to sketch historic buildings and let us try guessing what could be the most common design element to be seen in majority of the sketches. For th... »
The serviced office industry attributes much of its growth to the shift in the way companies operate. File Photo.
chennai,April 4, 2014

At your service

No heavy investments. No need to work on interiors. Or spend on furniture or printers and fax machines. Not even on a pantry. Welcome to the world of serviced offices, where you can one fine day de... »
If cities have to retain their economic efficiency, urban planning has to be integrated with transport. Laxity on the score leaves the cities congested. File Photo.
Bangalore,April 4, 2014

Connecting people to cities

People tend to travel more when economies do well and living standards improve. Whatever election rhetoric might have us believe, the last decade has seen phenomenal rise in travel demand across t... »
Energy usage for air conditioning in the construction sector being around 15 to 20 per cent, there is a need for enhanced energy saving and conservation
Bangalore,April 4, 2014

For energy efficiency

Natural energy sources like sun, wind and water are utilised by us for generating power. We use the power for heating, cooling, refrigerating and air conditioning. Countries with extreme climatic... »
A butterfly feeding on a grape in a backyard. Developing a backyard that is friendly to birds and insects is crucial especially when urban green cover is diminishing rapidly. Photo: Rameshwaran Mariappan
inside my green book

Create an eco-haven at home

One of the questions I’ve pondered often upon is ‘How do we sustain our interest towards nature?’ The most interesting answer to that would be to start at home by creating a backyard that is frien... »
Instead of using sprinklers, carry a water bottle with a small hole through the garden. File Photo.
chennai,April 4, 2014
the plot

Water on a budget

To begin with, rather than a water shower everyday, try shifting to a drip irrigation system to beat evaporation and water scarcity. Israelis use this technique to grow crops in their deserts. “Cen... »

Restoring lost splendour

The natural detergent

Power from the sky

Wake up, there’s a crisis

Home work saves money

Keep it simple

Designer dudes