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The RBI’s firm stand on the issue of softening of interest rates and how banks reacted. »
Scarcity of space has led to high rentals for parking slots. Photo: N. SridharanHOME AFFAIRS

Your space, your right

Ask for specified parking slots in your new home. »
Preparing for rains

The April bounty

It is an advance warning mechanism of nature asking whether preparedness is in place to receive rain. »
GREY MATTER Use it in combination with all colours for best effect.DECOR

Myriad shades of grey

Who said grey is bland and boring? If explored right, it can fit into all kinds of décor and moods. »
CUT DOWN EMISSIONS by adopting sustainable construction methods and switching to renewable power sources.
April 17, 2015

Chennai’s mega carbon footprint

Chennai has another first to its credit. This time, for all the wrong reasons. A recent study in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews by the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) reveals... »
April 17, 2015

Designing with sensitivity

Many a time an arresting facade captures the eye, the design standing out for its complicated depiction as well as astounding aesthetics. While the structure could be a physical manifestation of a... »
April 17, 2015

It is all about materials

There was a time when building materials were limited and design options few, within which our elders created houses and offices. These apparent limitations did not stop them from creating amazing... »
Photo: K. Pichumani
April 13, 2015

Springtime in the mall

A head brimming with florets. Pots growing out of trendily dressed mannequins' heads. Butterflies, giant tulips, a pretty white cycle with pristine flowers... It’s spring in full bloom at Phoenix M... »
April 10, 2015

The commodification of water

It stands as a monument in the park next to a borewell. This borewell had a RCC cistern next to it. Run by the municipality, water would be pumped into it and would also be supplied to a park. Peop... »
Ideal alternatives
April 10, 2015

Earth as shelter

If asked in a quiz competition, any high school kid would say their immediate shelter is their house. After all, the urge to build a house comes from the need for shelter making and hence these tw... »
April 10, 2015

Interest rates to play truant yet again?

Uncertainty on the economic front seems to have returned to haunt the clarity on interest rates after a brief promise of ‘Acche Din.’ After a prolonged wait the RBI had reduced the key policy rates... »
April 10, 2015

Glass bricks as separators

Glass bricks, with a variety of coloured, etched and energy-efficient options, bring in a designer-touch. They are more or less art pieces “as the user, according to the place chosen, can visualise... »
April 10, 2015

Say it with flowers

For a long time now, décor has been casual and comfortable. It could be minimalistic or industrial, but has been largely unisex. The latest trend in home décor is aimed at bringing back f... »
Chennai,April 10, 2015

Treat for the senses

Design Desert hues beckonAdding to the rather small list of rooftop restaurants in Chennai, the newly opened Rajputana at JP Hotel, Koyambedu, offers a bird’s eye... »

Demand continues for affordable and luxury homes

Wind power faces rough weather

The froth is coming off

Arresting designs

Rediscovering attics

Property vs. affordability

In times of distress

Beware of excess cement

April 17, 2015

Good tidings for home buyers

At a time when salaries aren’t expected to increase much, a reduction in home loan rates is a blessing.The recent 0.2 per cent cut by prominent lenders, including HDFC, State Bank of Ind... »
April 17, 2015

Rate cuts - flavour of the season

The rate cut chant gathers momentum as the headline inflation falls further, raising hopes of an economic revival. With the central bank furious over banks and housing financial institutions not pa... »
April 17, 2015

Renovating existing property

I am one of the owners of a cluster of 32 apartments built 30 years ago. At that time, the promoter who was also holding the power of attorney for executing the sale of UDS of the plot did n... »
April 10, 2015

For a breath of fresh air

There is a growing concern about the quality of air in our cities. Air pollution is now a major cause of diseases in India and reducing the amount of pollutants should be our primary focus. As a... »
April 10, 2015

City’s artery to come alive again

Before the onset of the 21st century, Anna Salai was every Chennaiite’s one-stop shop for entertainment and business — theatres, restaurants, libraries, book stores, banks, and even one of the earl... »
April 10, 2015

Thumbs up to Bill

The much awaited Real Estate Regulatory Bill that was recently approved by the Union Cabinet has garnered a positive response from realty experts. One of the key amendments to the Bill is the incl... »
Mysore,April 10, 2015

Pave it aesthetically

The sight of a lush green landscape is without doubt a soothing balm, a rejuvenating experience. A walk through this lush green space can be totally relaxing letting the mind rest the chatter. Whil... »
April 10, 2015

Glass has class

It may be delicate, and extremely fragile, and the idea of using it as a decorative element in an interior can set one to think twice. But none can question its beauty for an interior element. ... »
PRICE WISE Make an informed choice before paying up
April 10, 2015

Are you paying right?

How does a buyer know that the price quoted for a property is fair? Usually, developers arrive at a rate based on how much nearby properties are selling for. There is a sound method for a buyer t... »
Photo: V. Ganesan
April 3, 2015

Chennai gets solar smart

While the trend of installing rooftop solar panels is gradually catching up in Chennai, an enthusiastic bunch of residents has gone a step further. They not only generate solar energy to power thei... »

Chuck the air conditioner

Rectifying errors in documents

Home, sweet home

The value of water

It’s her choice

Hands-on training programme

Growth in times of bifurcation

It’s a heritage issue