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A wide array of sparrow nests.
A wide array of sparrow nests.
They are also the friendliest and are not afraid to share space with humans »
South East Bangalore continues to be most sought after, with 48 per cent stock and over 23 per cent supply.

Where Bangalore scores

How does the city’s real estate resist the sluggish trend in other metros, with prices rising steadily? »
The Mumbai city skyline

Vertical limit

Skyscrapers are popular in Mumbai and many other Indian cities are queuing up to get them. However, Subhankar Mitrasays that many hidden problems come with the heights »
Recent developments have broughttwo destinations to the fore. Canthey catch up with the city?

Where do you go?

Chennai is more than just its IT corridor. Here two alternatives that are slowly coming up »
Air conditioners cannot bring fresh air like a room with windows.

For clean air indoors

Ideally we should shun air conditioners and try to live in tune with nature »
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GRIDS does not substitute the existing fora available to aggrieved persons.
Kochi,July 25, 2014

Online grievance redressal from NHB

The National Housing Bank (NHB) has launched Grievance Registration and Information Database System (GRIDS) for online registration and tracking of complaints against housing finance companies or... »
SHOWING THE WAY SekharRaghavan
Chennai,July 25, 2014

Talking to the rain man

What common problems can be expected in RWH structures?The main hurdle to RWH is the deposit of silt picked up by rainwater from dirty rooftops and driveways. So, keep these clean. Ta... »
BUYERS BEWARE: Go through the track record of builders before making any commitment.
Bangalore,July 25, 2014

Get home on time

It isn’t everyday that home owners take to the street. You do have some activism when people’s homes are threatened by demolition orders, but rarely ever else do you see a collective of home buyers... »
A lovely green patch at the site of the soil biotechnology plant at Herohalli tank
Bangalore,July 25, 2014

A tank is revived

When a city hits a plateau with regard to water availability it perforce needs to become innovative in identifying alternative options. Right now many problems exercise the minds of citizens and in... »
There are a number of violations and lacunae in buildings after occupation.
Bangalore,July 25, 2014

Keep an eye on fire load

The fire protection chapter in the National Building Code (NBC) has been adopted by most municipal corporations as part of their building bye-laws. This requirement is at the time of grant of occu... »
Randall Stout
July 18, 2014

Remembering Randall Stout, architect of nature

Randall Stout, an environmentally sensitive architect who earned a reputation for designing dynamically shaped regional museums, died of cell cancer on July 11 at the age of 56. Stout was an assoc... »
HOPE AHEAD for housing crisis
July 18, 2014

Boost to Chennai market?

The recent announcements in the budget have been positive for the housing sector. The residential real estate segment has been passing through challenging times over the last year, with sales velo... »
A wide range to choose from Colourful trays
July 18, 2014

Old technique, new designs

When Anika Mittal and Tanya Khanna decided to set up their own brand in 2010, they were clear on what it would offer: a blend of convention and modernity. The result was Amalgam, a brand that blend... »
GET IMAGINATIVE: Used bottles for the ceiling, cycle tyre wheels on the gate, waste residue-moulded tiles … the choice is yours
July 18, 2014

Too good to waste

We talk of recycling, reusing, reducing. And we talk of green architecture. How about now extending these ideas to their logical conclusion? Architect Yatin Pandya of Footprints E.A.R.T.H has done... »
It is time to shop around and get the best deal which also leaves some extra money in your wallet.
July 18, 2014

What the Budget offers?

The maiden budget presented by the NDA Government has been quite productive for the real estate sector, including some goodies doled out for home loan borrowers. Since a lot of expectations were bu... »

Issues to ponder over before buying a flat

Tanks to the rescue

Bringing back red-oxides

Aluminium all the way

Fashion in your backyard

From ‘black’ to crystal clear

Remember Kanakambaram?

Tile by tile

FLOORED BY CHOICE? Go for tufted, pile or natural based on climate and room traffic
July 25, 2014

Carpet planning

Looking to amp up the style quotient of a room on a budget? You can’t do better than to choose the right rug. A rug softens the hard edges of a room, defines a colour scheme and pulls together a dé... »
Hyderabad,July 25, 2014

Citizens’ say must in shaping cities

Giving public a greater role in architectural and planning decisions would lead to more successful cities. The residents should have a greater role in shaping the development if cities a... »
The Mukteshwar temple is also a rare example of a shrine planned and built without subsequent additions as was the practice in earlier times.
Bangalore,July 25, 2014
Temple Architecture

Breathing life into stone

The Mukteshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva in the temple city of Bhubaneswar, is a delightful expression of Odiyan architecture. The 10 century edifice is a landmark of sorts in the developmen... »
Bangalore,July 25, 2014

'Town planning is key to manage waste'

A. Damodaran is a Professor in Economics and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. His specialisation has been environmental policy and economics. Apart from several pub... »
A tree being planted at the lake site
Bangalore,July 25, 2014

Lake maintenance

Sitarampalya Lake at Whitefield has been taken up for maintenance and re-development by the Brigade Group, along with the NGO Tropical Research Development Centre (TRDC).As part of this... »
The appropriately designed building of the Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies in Puducherry
July 18, 2014

Green has to be in

Internationally acclaimed environmentalist R.K. Pachauri says India urgently needs ‘green buildings’ to ensure sustainable use of energy and water. Pachauri said it is estimated that most of the b... »
GROW YOUR OWN VEGETABLES The Srirams in a marigold patch
Chennai,July 18, 2014

Meet the green thumbs

While the city is home to a growing urban population that wants to grow its own vegetables, the impediment perhaps lies in many people not knowing where to begin. There may also be those who have... »
TRULY TRANSFORMED The bedroom after redesigning
July 18, 2014

Dream home in seven days

A singular thought, a dreaded possibility, is all that usually dissuades homeowners from considering a design upheaval for their homes — the possibility that they may be left to consider an alterna... »
Ensure that the guest room is thoroughly cleaned
July 18, 2014

That welcome touch

In these busy times, houseguests are a luxury that most of us can ill-afford. But having guests over doesn’t really have to be tedious. A little planning and investment in a few ‘bells a... »
As far as the real estate sector is concerned, the builders/promoters as also the consumers have something to cheer about in this Union Budget.
July 18, 2014

Growth, on the ‘middle path’

Despite the general impression that the new Government in Delhi may take a different path in policies and programmes as compared to the UPA, the budget has, by and large, followed the conventional... »

Avoid polluting indoors

LEED with a regional perspective

Down to earth

Behind all that jazz

Landfills no solution

How the industry reacted

In need of a BIG brother