Raise the roof
Choosing right: There are many options to help you combat heat

While constructing a house, homeowners often find themselves confused when it comes to weathering course. “Weathering course does help, traditionally to reduce quite a few degrees by absorbing as well as reflecting heat and sunlight,” N Manikandan, architect, The Madras Design House says, “Newer products use traditional as well as scientific methods to reduce heat.”

Thermalcaretm, a new brand of tiles is an eco-friendly monolithic coolroof tiles. “Our tiles are manufactured from a proprietary blend of inorganic polymer based binders. It is one of the best solutions for surface and inside room temperature reduction for the new generation buildings, “says R Sridharan, CEO of Thermalcare.  “This is an environment friendly solution that differs from the conventional cool roof tiles which are based on white cement which actually consumes lot of energy during its production, releases lots of carbon di oxide and hence cannot qualify for green building material,”he adds.

Sridharan, who had the tiles tested by Aviation Department, says that these new roof tiles, contain no white cement/lime, are eco Friendly, light weight (2.50 Kg per sq. ft), dual proof roof tile (thermal as well as water Proof) and have increased thermal performance because of the careful selection of pigments. “The tiles are made from a homogeneous material (Single cast), and have no layering and hence will have not have bonding or peel off related issues,” he adds.

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