Oct 31, 2014 01:07 AM
Faced with Pakistan’s firing across the LoC, India has no option but to respond. However, in general, more subtle strategies to contain and counter threats from Pakistan would be in the country’s interest Pakistan’s annual ritual of ra
Oct 30, 2014 01:16 AM
Majoritarian definitions of the world can articulate old repressions, once illegitimate, into new tyrannies. Narendra Modi has acquired an electoral majority but this new majority seeks a redress of old scores Sometimes after a day’s work is over,
Oct 29, 2014 01:17 AM
Joko Widodo’s electoral victory signifies how far Indonesia has travelled in a short span from a military-run totalitarian regime to a full-fledged democracy. This transition, in which the Indonesian media and civil society played a major role, does
Oct 28, 2014 01:13 AM
India should not wait for another crisis to recognise the pressing need for higher defence reforms. There are sufficient studies, reports and recommendations that the government can depend on while planning the restructuring process. It can also consider
Oct 27, 2014 01:02 AM
The response to Ebola, which has killed nearly 5,000 Africans but only two western citizens, cannot be colour coded anymore. For the future, we cannot but raise questions about the structural inequalities that prevent accessible health care for the global
Oct 25, 2014 01:30 AM
Civil servant independence in the country is at best nominal. Nonconformity even to spurn whimsical and arbitrary directives received from above is widely recognised as a very risky proposition The right to judicial remedies … is a constitutional r
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