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Geography can be exciting: Through fun methods

Geography can often become a student's worst nightmare if they don't understand the various concepts of Geography.

To help the students understand the various concepts of geography and aid them in learning, Oxford Grammar School, Himayath Nagar, has a geography lab.

Ms. Sahmida, principal of Oxford Grammar School says, “We established a geography lab in our school about 10 years back. It has various models of Earth, historical monuments, charts, documentaries, etc which help the students in understanding the subject better”.

Sudanshu Srisagar of Std. X says, “There are models of solar system, movies and charts in our lab.”

The students are encouraged to make power point presentations and documentaries on various subjects.

Sai Kiran of Std. IX shares, “Our lab has many models of historical monuments like Rashtrapati Bhavan, temples of India, climate models. My friends and I prepared a power point presentation on the life of Mahatma Gandhi for the lab. I enjoy learning geography more now”

Movies too

The students seem to enjoy watching the documentaries and movies shown to them, as Prashanth of Std. IX says, “I enjoy watching the movies shown in the lab. My favourite movie is the one on medieval times. This geography lab has helped me to clearly understand various cultures, history of places and geographical concepts.”

The learning of geography isn't just restricted to lab; the students are taken out to various field trips across the country to understand the geography of the place first hand. Ms. Sahmida says, “We take our students out on various trips, since just lab studies is not enough for high school students. The students visited Thar Desert, the Himalayas, and even went on a trekking expedition to the Eastern Ghats.”

Learning geography has become fun for these students, as their learning isn't just restricted to classroom.

They enjoy the facilities of their lab and the outdoor experience, which all ensure the students remember and understand what they learnt.

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