Not so lucky
Confused by the choices available. Photo: S. Subramanium

All right, so, the board exams are over. But that doesn't mean it is time to rest.

There's a lot to do. Topping the list is: which course? Which college? Which university?

Less privileged

Most students land up in some engineering course. The lucky, and of course harder working, ones get into the IITs, NITs, BITs etc. What about the others; ‘the not-so-lucky' lot?

Colleges (mostly located on the outskirts) fall into three categories. One which expects marks. Second expects marks but also gives opportunity for extracurricular activities. Third leaves you free. Marks? Or fun? Your choice.

Make a wise choice because the first category dominates. Once in, you can dump your extracurricular ideas for four long years and you'll have to abide by rules, no matter how silly. But you will come out with a degree and a placement. If the last is your priority, then go for number one.

The second category is a better option, but there are few colleges that offer both.

Jump into the third if you have control over yourself. Go for it, if you have the guts to say “deviation/distraction does not matter. It will not stop me from reaching my destination”. Because, there is no ring master to drive you here.

Think twice

Finally, a student who wishes to study will do so in any messed up place and the one who doesn't wish to study will not study even in an awesome set up.

Learn about the college thoroughly before getting an admit card. The prospectus and advertisements may not give you a clear idea, so talk to someone who's already in that college. Don't take a step that might ruin your happiness. Choose a place that lets you learn with fun.

Meenakshi Kannappan, IV year student of B.Tech biotechnology.

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