India emerging a major economic power: MSIL official
SHARING IDEAS: GITAM University president M.V.V.S.Murthi with S.Y.Siddiqui, Chief Operating Officer, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday. Photo: A. Manikanta Kumar

After China, India, and Brazil are emerging as major economic powers offering plenty of opportunities to management students, said Maruti Suzuki India Limited COO S.Y. Siddiqui on Wednesday.

He was addressing the students of GITAM Institute of Management at GITAM University here.

Mr. Siddiqui said as per projections Asia would propel the world economic growth in the next three to four years. As management students, he said one should be good at dealing with uncertainties such as economic growth, recession, economic boom, inflation, and upsizing/downsizing.

He said the fluctuating economic growth was a matter of concern with the growth rate hovering around 4.5 per cent to nine per cent.

Despite demand upsurge, fuel price hike and inflation in past one year had made the situation unpredictable.

Underlining the importance of alignment of business strategy to the global economy, he said the students should be well-versed with the volatile nature of the environment.

They should be good at adopting strategies to tackle changing variables to redefine the competitive edge.

“If Yen becomes stronger by Re.1, we lose Rs.21 crore,” he said to drive home his point how fluctuations at international level affect the major players.

He said successful manager should have the ability for people-driven speed, responsiveness, agility and flexibility with a paradigm shift in focus towards the technology and customer relationship.

GITAM University president M.V.V.S. Murthi urged Mr. Siddiqui to consider setting up a car manufacturing unit in the city. Vice-Chancellor G. Subrahmanyam explained how they were expansion mode by introducing 110 courses through its three campuses at Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

GITAM Institute of Management Principal K. Sivaramakrishna spoke.

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