Hundreds of birds perish in GAIL pipeline blast
A crane and a pond heron with badly burnt wings stand paralysed in the agricultural market yard on Saturday in the aftermath of the gas pipeline explosion at Nagaram village. Photo: K.R. Deepak

The sanitation workers of Nagaram village panchayat have performed massive burial of birds in the early hours of Saturday. According to a rough estimate over 300 birds of the species of cormorant, pond heron and common crane (Eurasian crane) were killed in the gas pipeline blast in the early hours of Friday.

The huge tamarind tree located near the agriculture market committee building remained the hub of nesting birds has affected badly due to the flames and a good number of nests were reduced to ashes. The sudden flames gave no scope for the birds to fly from the spot to a safer place. As a result, a good number of birds were killed in the nests and a few others sustained severe injuries.

They lost their wings and eyesight to the fire and moving helter-skelter. As the district officials identified the AMC building as perfect spot for providing makeshift shelter to the VIPs, who were thronging the village to get firsthand information about the incident and to interact with the victims, the panchayat workers were asked to keep the surroundings clean. As part of making the premises spick and span, the workers collected the carcasses of the birds and buried them on the village outskirts.

The plight of the injured ones, however, is miserable. At a time when residents are looking for a helping hand for their survival after the major blast, one cannot expect a messiah to swing into the action and provide a solace to the wounded cranes and cormorants. But, one can imagine the intensity of the blast by seeing the pathetic condition of the birds alone. The injured ones remained as silent spectators of the horrific incident.

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