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Updated: January 28, 2012 02:01 IST
Manas Dasgupta
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. It was supposed to be a satire against him but the pullout issued by the Gujarat Congress and distributed with the local newspapers has proved counterproductive and put the party in an embarrassing situation for “praising” its arch enemy. File photo
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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. It was supposed to be a satire against him but the pullout issued by the Gujarat Congress and distributed with the local newspapers has proved counterproductive and put the party in an embarrassing situation for “praising” its arch enemy. File photo

Party in a fix but its Gujarat unit maintains move was to scuttle Chief Minister's claim

It was supposed to be a satire against Chief Minister Narendra Modi but the pullout issued by the Gujarat Congress and distributed with the local newspapers has proved counterproductive and put the party in an embarrassing situation for “praising” its arch-enemy. The Congress, however, did not agree that it had made any mistake. “It was a deliberate and conscious decision of the party leadership, and it is not a mistake,” Congress spokesman Manish Doshi said here on Friday. “We are going to take the advertisement campaign further and cover all the State.” According to Dr. Doshi, the advertisement inserted in the Ahmedabad-based newspapers was only aimed at rebutting Mr. Modi's claim that Gujarat owed all its developments to him and the 10 years of the BJP rule under him. The advertisement had listed the “achievements” of all the Chief Ministers since the inception of the State in 1960 to show that Mr. Modi was not the “sole claimant for all the credits,” and rather the initiation of the schemes and most of the achievements were made under the Congress regimes long before the advent of the BJP as the ruling party in the State and Mr. Modi, Dr. Doshi claimed.

But the message of the advertisement is lost on a large section of the people which believes that the Congress has “finally woken up the reality” and praised Mr. Modi for what he has done for Gujarat.

Coming to the Modi regime, the advertisement described the Chief Minister as a “master organiser and astute election strategist.” Listing his “major achievements,” it said he had been “trying very hard to convert Gujarat into a vibrant State, he has established a separate Department for Biotechnology, and he has also been able to raise the height of the Narmada [dam] by 11.64 metres to 121.92 metres.”

In this regard, Dr. Doshi said the party “made it clear that while Mr. Modi was claiming credit for the Narmada dam, 110 metres of the dam construction was completed before he took over as Chief Minister.”

While the Congress argued that it had only mocked Mr Modi's claim of massive industrialisation by stating that he had given the State only the brand of “Vibrant Gujarat,” the people in general took it as a positive reference to his organising the show every two years for wooing huge investments.

Dr. Doshi said: “We have also made it clear that besides Vibrant Gujarat, what Mr. Modi has contributed to the State were several ‘Mahotsavas' — Navratri Mahotsava, Krishi Mahotsava during every summer, Ranotsava to celebrate the festivals in the Kutch desert, and Kankaria carnival in Ahmedabad during Christmas holidays — spending crores of rupees from the State exchequer.”

“What we are trying to convey through this advertisement is that Gujarat's progress is not due to one person. It has been a progressive State from its inception and that all the Chief Ministers have given their best to the State,” Dr. Doshi said.

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Gujrath has always been a prosperous state and has never needed any particular leader to help them achieve heights in their business. We all know “gujjus” are better than anyone else in business. I think the new Amithab Bachan add is his new poll propaganda for securing his PM seat. Actually all BJP PM and CM’s have always been taking credit for what others have done. Same here in Karnataka, Mr SM Krishna planned the metro rail project but until its first stage was completed all credit was taken by the BJP CM.That’s how things work the public is fooled in this country and they think that whatever comes in TVs Newspapers is all right. Sad but true

Aside from issues like role in the prosperity of Gujrat, in assessing the qualities of Mr. Modi as a leader, people need to keep in mind his role in respect of the riots that went on there after the train incident in Godhra.
In assessing the performance of Mr. Modi as a leader, one also needs to take into account the events that followed the train incident in Godhara. The loss of life among muslims was in a couple of thousand according to some estimates. Many businesses were closed. Many families who had fled could not return to Gujrat.
There was a news recently about a senior police officer claiming that they were asked not to press on with their duty of protecting the lives and property of all citizens, at that time. The strength of any state and of India depends on the economic factors as well as justice
for all. His planned visit to USA could not materialize, because of problems related to issuance of visa to him.

Dr.Doshi's conscience has spoken the truth. He knew pretty well that calumny would stand exposed and that is exactly what he has done when he admitted the developments in the state of Gujarat under Modi's stewardship. It wont be long before other congressmen would follow suit and correct their mistakes as otherwise the party would exist only in history.

Problem in Indian politics is that if someone does something good, opposition rather than admiring his good work, start taking pot shots on him. This has to stop, then only India will progress. Whatever his communal leaning is, he has done good work and we should admire him for that.

There is a very good point here by Mr. Shekhar If Congress wants to
give the credit of all the development in Gujarat to the Predecessors
of Mr Modi why doesn't it accept the fact that during the term of Mr.
Lalu Prasad Yadav being a railway Minister whatever profit Railways
did it was all due to the efforts and policies of his Predecessor Mr.
Nitish Kumar. Also one notable thing Dr. Doshi forgot I think is that
though Narmada Dams height would had been 110 Mtrs at the time Mr.
Modi took over but at that time it was just a construction site which
had a stay from Supreme court. Mr. Modi not only won the case against
Megha Patkar but also increased the height to 123 mtrs and you are
seeing the result. Narmada project is the lifeline of 75% of north
west India, not only Gujarat, its Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhyapradesh are sharing electricity and water from that dam. The people in Desert of kutch are able to cultivate their own food because of this water. So thats what Mr Modi is.

An awakened people are the final arbiter of their own Government and representatives in the Legislatures. A true leader awakens people and make them aware of their own potential and capabilities, which alone brings progress and development. True freedom lies in self-confidence of a populace, which will have to be ensured by one and all politicians, if they want to contribute truly to the progress of India.

Regarding positive comments by Gujarat Congress for Mr. Modi's political and other skills the media appears to be most unhappy. Why? Why is it wrong for the opposition to accept positive work done and effective leadership provided by soomeone belonging to a different political grouping? I give credit to Gujarat Congress by sticking to what they printed in the papers. Others describe it as a blunder. Its about time for politicians to be frank and truthful and recognize good things done by fellow politicians of different stripes. They can always compaign by promising to do better and quicker!

We need a strong & patriotic "bulldozer" leader like N. Modi in Delhi to help set things right in India. Time that he moves from a successful stint in Gujarat to the Indian centre-stage. But Modi must sicerely admit his past mistakes, expand his outlook & inclusiveness of all Indians (irrespective of their religion, region & language), and then he can be unstoppable. India is crying for strong, clean and patriotic leadership, that has been acutely missing for many, many years.

Weather one admits it or not but the fact is Gujarat has greatly
progressed under Narendra Modi who has stream lined the administration
and ensured better governance.Indeed he has brought back development on
national stage for which he deserves full credit

Whatever congressmen may say or may not, it is an undeniable fact that Mr Modi has provided an effective & very efficient administration in the State of Gujarat. There is no problem if congress claims that its leaders have sown the seeds for industrial growth, but they must have the decency/courage to see facts & credit Mr Modi for guarding/nurturing the saplings and ensuring its growth. There may be instances of corruption or misgovernance here & there in the administration but overall Mr Modi has been very sincere,focussed and dedicated to improve the quality of life of the citizens of his State. Congress does not, unfortunately, have a single leader of Mr Modi's calibre and stature. Though a hard core loyal BJP partyman, Mr Modi has never shied away to differ with his leadership on many issues which is not the case with many hyprocrites in the congress. Congress must learn to see the 'good' in Mr Modi instead of maligning him.

Whatever it may be "Truth will always prevail". Nobody can match with Shri. Modiji's popularity and good administration.

Thanks Dr. Doshi to make such a great efforts to build brand Modi image
by highlighting what Modi has done in one state he can do same to
country please also highlight what development our country has made in
past 65 years of congress ruling and compare it with gujarat development
in past 10 years.

This is indeed strange logic. While Modi has consistently harped on development theme and highlighted Gujarat's progress, he has never claimed that all the development in Gujarat is because of his government. I distinctly remember his speech in 2008 during his swering in ceremony where he was liberal in his praise for the development that had taken place during other chief ministers' regime. Same he has repeated in countless TV interviews and during his Sadbhavana mission speeches. As far as Congress is concerned credit can be claimed only during early years of formation of state when Jivaraj Mehta, Hitendra Desai were at helm as CMs. Post Indira
regime, likes of Solanki, Amarsing Chouhan, Chimanbhai Patel and turncoat Waghela were unashamedly corrupt and had the BJP and especially Modi had not come to power and Congress had continued, Gujarat would have surpassed Maharashtra and UP in corruption and lack of development. Modi has ensured use of resources for public good astutely.

That Mr. Modi is a master organiser and an astute stragist, is reinforced by this excellent and unsolicited canvassing for Mr.Modi and in turn for the BJP at the national level.Congratulations Mr. Modi for su8ch a nice and inexpensive outsourcing skill.Be that as it may,by the same token Dr. Singh's congress party cannot take any credit for any achievemnt in the economic development front because, at the best, he has built on the foundations laid by Jawarlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri,Indira Gandhi,Morarji Desai, Rajiv Gandhi and last bit not the least P.V.Narasimha Rao.Will Congress party fully subscribe to this fact and come out with a similar ad glorifying the predecessors of Dr. Singh?

This is the height of absurdity. Either Dr Doshi does not know English
or he believes the people of India do not know English. But just wait
for the Tiwaris and Singhvis to dismiss this as the 'personal opinion'
of Dr Doshi. We will also not be surprised to hear of Dr Doshi being
quietly sidelined for the rest of the campaign.

Detractors admit or not, But this guy has added a new point in indian politics and i.e. "development. And now, everybody hears this term as a main agenda in every election rally from almost all party. Be it Bihar election or Tamil Nadu.

East or West, Modi Rocks !!

Narendra Modi is a vibrant leader of Gujarat who can deliver prosperity and harmony to his people.Under the current Congress regime under Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, India's image is tarnished all over world due to the 2G Scam, Commonwealth Games fraud, PC Election case, voting at the UNHRC, Geneva against an independent UN HUman rights investigation in Sri Lanka and denying justice to the Hindu Tamil victims, Malayalee mafias collaboration (WikiLeaks) with the Sri Lankan regime and it is time for the Indians to reject the Congress leaders for good. Tamils in Tamil Nadu has already sent strong signals to the Congress leaders and Jeya Amma's AIADMK will be the sole winner in Tamil Nadu in the next election.

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