No relief package for farmers: Karunanidhi

The State budget has lost its importance under the AIADMK government because of the frequent announcements made by the Chief Minister, DMK president M. Karunanidhi said on Thursday.

In a statement here, Mr. Karunanidhi, in his reaction to the budget proposals, said announcements were being made on a daily basis in the Chief Minister’s name. This robbed the budget and its financial projections for the year ahead of their efficacy.

He also said farmers across the State would be disappointed that no relief packages were announced for them.

The DMK chief was also scathing on the government for ignoring relief measures for small and medium industries that had suffered the most because of the power outages – ranging from 15 to 18 hours in some districts. Despite having governed for two years, the AIADMK government had not shown any improvement in the power scenario. He said the announcement that Udangudi power project would commence work only in 2013-14 was disappointing.

He also noted that the AIADMK government had announced that it would procure 3,000 buses for the State Transport Corporations in 2011 and another 3,000 buses in 2012, but they declared in the budget that less than 3,000 buses had been procured for both years put together.

Experts have already announced that the current year will be a drought year for the entire State. But the budget had not referred to it conspicuously, he added.

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