Chhattisgarh women panel chief denies remark
Vibha Rao

The chairperson of Chhattisgarh State Women Commission Vibha Rao on Saturday denied making the controversial remark that women are "equally responsible" for sexual offences committed against them.

"The newspaper has misquoted me. The report is baseless," Ms. Rao said, adding that she would move court if necessary.

The Hindu has published the audio excerpt in its website. The interview is in Hindi.

“The interview was conducted in Ms. Rao’s office of Chhattisgarh State Women Commission in Raipur on December 29. The interview was recorded with Ms. Rao’s permission. None of Ms. Rao’s words, related to the print or online story, have been edited or distorted to change the sense or meaning of the sentence,” said Suvojit Bagchi, The Hindu’s Chhattisgarh correspondent.

The report had quoted Ms. Rao as saying that women were equally responsible for sexual assault against them and they should avoid wearing provocative clothes.

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