Dec 20, 2014 01:10 AM
Would Kashmir be the crown of Indian democracy or a frontier of the clash of civilisations, which the Sangh Parivar believes in? The Bharatiya Janata Party’s aggressive foray into Jammu and Kashmir politics in the current election suggests that it
Dec 20, 2014 01:09 AM
Other States in India can study how the family planning programme has worked in Kerala and incorporate those features in their own programmes The recent tragedy of several women losing their lives in the state-sponsored tubectomy camp in Takhatpur, Chha
Dec 19, 2014 01:18 AM
A statistically faulty focus on rape has led to a misdiagnosis and a worsening of India’s real problem: women’s autonomy The recently reported rape of a young woman in a taxi in Delhi has brought back attention to India’s sexual violen
Dec 19, 2014 01:05 AM
Whenever the State has intervened to determine what history should be taught to its citizens, the result has been an unmitigated disaster both for the discipline and for the society Over the past five odd decades the face of History as a discipline has
Dec 18, 2014 01:18 AM
Time and again, the country has moved on and forgotten about the dead. But not this time For the last decade or so, Pakistanis seemed to have lost the ability to be easily moved by news of tragedy and misfortune — so frequent have been the numbers
Dec 18, 2014 01:13 AM
China’s dominance over India in overseas oil has been on clear display, but there is reason to believe that the competitive landscape may be changing The race between China and India for global oil resources was over before it started. From Centra
Dec 18, 2014 01:05 AM
A brain-injury treatment programme originally designed for military veterans injured on the battlefield has been updated to include professional athletes. Representatives with the Eisenhower Center announced on December 16 that it will be the primary fa
Dec 17, 2014 01:08 AM
Attempt to commit suicide should stay on the statute book because suicide comes in conflict with the monopolistic power of the state to take away life You choose your country, you choose your spouse, you choose your profession, you choose your political
Dec 17, 2014 01:02 AM
Indian universities need a transformational change for them to become relevant in the context of global rankings of educational institutions The Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies Rankings 2015, which gives new insights into the perform
Dec 17, 2014 12:58 AM
A northern white rhinoceros that zoo officials said was only one of six left in the world died on December 14 at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Angalifu, who was about 44 years old, apparently died of old age. “Angalifu’s death is a tremen
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