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In drawing attention to the plight of the widows of Vrindavan, the BJP’s Member of Parliament from Mathura, Hema Malini, got hold of the wrong end of the stick. Many of the Vrindavan widows are wi... »

Fiji turns the page

Fiji has chosen its first elected leader in eight years. This ma... »

Combining candour with warmth

The visit of President Xi Jinping was remarkable for many things but mo... »

Uneven recovery

If there is one clear signal that comes out of the latest set of economic »
September 19, 2014

Crippling cost of disparities

Redressing gender imbalances in employment could remedy the current climate of sluggish global economic recovery, the Labour Ministers of the Group of 20 countries were advised last week. This is... »
September 18, 2014

After the great Bengal scam

Creating a huge political wave that threatens to wash away several political reputations is the Saradha Ponzi Scheme scam of West Bengal. More arrests are revealing scores of new suspects who took... »
September 17, 2014

A historic opportunity

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in India under extraordinary circumstances, when the political and economic dimensions of the international system are undergoing a profound transformation. Th... »
September 16, 2014

Disinvestment takes off

The disinvestment programme for 2014-15 seems to have kicked off in right earnest with the Union Cabinet »
September 15, 2014

Outreach plans for scientists

The decision of the Union Minister of Science and Technology to tap the talent pool of about 6,000 scientists from institutions and centres that come under the umbrella of the Department of Scienc... »
September 13, 2014

Neither victims nor perpetrators

Today’s victims are tomorrow’s perpetrators; but this state of affairs is not inevitable. That is the burden of the 2014 UNICEF report, titled “Hidden in Plain Sight”. It says the physical, sexual... »
September 12, 2014

Making way for giants

India has a significant number of elephants in the wild, and their persistence into the 21st century represents a conservation feat for a country with a massive human population and rising demand... »
September 11, 2014

Not a time for tea

Deliberations over the recent deaths in the tea gardens of North Bengal may remind one of the Japanese film Rasho¯mon. As in the 1950s masterpiece, death in Rasho¯mon and the tea gar... »
September 18, 2014

Lessons from a disaster

As life slowly acquires a semblance of normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir, the extent of damage caused b... »
September 17, 2014

A note of caution

Despair rarely follows euphoria this closely: within four months of having recorded its best-ever electoral performance in Uttar Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party seems to be »
September 16, 2014

Fair deal for transgenders

The Union Social Justice Ministry’s move to seek cla... »
September 15, 2014

When winning is not enough

It is not often that an opposition party comes under greater pressure than the ruling party ahead of an election. However, as »
September 13, 2014

How not to reinvent the wheel

The declaration by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in an interview to The Hindu that he is prepared to talk to Tamil political parties on a meaningful process of devolution is a welc... »
September 12, 2014

Politics of polarisation

Impending elections invariably colour a government’s actions. Whether the filing of a charge sheet for hate speech against Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah just two days before by-electi... »
September 11, 2014

CBI Director under scrutiny

Whatever the truth behind the purported contents of the visitors’ register at the Delhi residence of the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation, there is little doubt that the office is u... »