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Editorial - The Hindu

Last week, when nine well-known media houses began publishing directly to »

This warning should stay

Following a controversy sparked recently »

March of the IS

The Islamic State’s recent takeover of the Iraqi city of Ramadi, foll... »

The Barca supremacy

FC Barcelona, the Catalonian club in Spain, is widely followed and its present generation of footballers revered for their style of football instilled and honed by Dutch footballing legend Johan C... »

State of flux in Delhi

Partial statehood, Delhi’s peculiar constitutional situation, has posed challenges before every government that has ruled the national capital since 1993, the year an elected Vidhan Sabha was rein... »
May 21, 2015

Bad loans are bad news

With the Indian economy not picking up speed as was being anticipated, the spotlight is on the banking industry. It has been asked why the industry has been »
May 20, 2015

Go forward on India-EU talks

The European Union’s Ambassador to New Delhi, Joao Cravinho, last week expre... »
May 19, 2015

History will tell

When Yellapragada Sudershan Rao, chairperson of the Indian Council of Historical Research, decided »
May 18, 2015

Up in the air

The Prasar Bharati Corporation, set up in 1997 by an Act of Parliament with a mandate for public broadcasting services through Doordarshan and All India Radio, to inform, educate and entertain, is... »
May 16, 2015

The dead warriors

On the face of it, the series of attacks on bloggers in Bangladesh — the latest victim is Ananta Bijoy Das, »
May 15, 2015

Strategy shift

The string of audacious attacks on security forces, civilians and politicians car... »
May 14, 2015

Partners in conservation

That wildlife conservation efforts cannot succeed in the long term without the proactive involvement of local communities living in and around forest areas has been a well-established fact. The la... »
May 13, 2015

Fraudulent duplication

Acts of fraud in the running of higher education institutions is almost a given; what’s unusual is data being present to prove them. Now, an analysis of names of faculty members submitted for appr... »
May 20, 2015

Farewell, Aruna

Death finally came as a release to Aruna Shanbaug. But for othe... »
May 19, 2015

A system under trial

It is unfortunate that more than two years after the Union Home Ministry sent out an advisory to States and Union Territories in January 2013, and eight months since the Supreme Court »
May 18, 2015

Caution and optimism

In the last two decades, the diplomatic emphasis in India-China relations has been on working on a strong economic relationship that would whittle down the strategic differences and feeling of adv... »
May 16, 2015

Right to have a childhood

The Union Cabinet’s approval of a set of amendments to the Child Labour (Prohibi... »
May 15, 2015

Not business as usual

The government got a great deal of legislative work done during the... »
May 14, 2015

Preparedness as the key

The recurrence of a major earthquake on May 12 — this time measuring 7.... »
May 13, 2015

Exclusionary intent

Taking a cue from a pending case in the Supreme Court the BJP government is »