With the expectations of the Congress and the BJP shattered in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election, the political scenario of our country seems to have changed all of a sudden. The two parties seem to have closed ranks (March 13).

The purpose is clear: both parties are scared of the Samajwadi Party's success in the largest State. The UPA and the NDA are uncertain of the implications of the U.P. verdict. As they see their bargaining power declining, they are doing what is logical.

Aravind Paleri,


The apparent sense of camaraderie between the rivals is amusing. The backtracking of both parties from their respective stands will surely do good for the functioning of Parliament.

Thanks to U.P. voters, we can now hope to hear some voice, rather than noise, from Parliament. Let us hope the latest development is not a ‘short break.'

D.V.G. Sankararao,


That the Congress and the BJP are in a conciliatory mood is interesting. Too bad this mood was not on display earlier. It would be a great day for India if the two national parties adopt the “either or survivor” policy to keep regional parties in check — in the interest of the nation and a stable government at the Centre.

G.R. Jagannadh,


Many miracles seem to be on the cards with Akhilesh Yadav becoming U.P. Chief Minister. The Congress and the BJP have learnt their lessons quickly.

One can take comfort from the fact that the budget session of Parliament will be smooth, with the ruling party and the Opposition doing constructive business.

S. Venugopalan,


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