United we stand

Bal Thackeray, a giant of Maharashtra, passed away and was cremated with state honours. His end was marked by a popular upsurge. But why this mega fury? What national cause did he represent? What issue perished with his demise? What social, economic, political tragedy or transformation did his exit bring about in the Indian Socialist Secular Swaraj Republic?

Thackeray’s theory of employment for the sons of the soil is fundamentally anti-national in a federal nation that is marked by uneven agricultural, linguistic, industrial and educational development. If large-scale industrial units necessarily desiderate a large mass market, it demands the masses to buy its products. Without unity there can be no mighty enterprise. A pan-Indian national market is a sine quo non if India is not to go backward.

Our tryst with destiny and elimination of poverty desiderate the liquidation of corruption, and geo-political unity. This is opposed to fragmentation, insularisation, and narrow and dogmatic provincialism — which were at the soul of the Thackeray thesis. So, while appreciating the passionate commitment to the people, which is the soul of the Shiv Sena, we must abolish its inconsistency with the Preamble to the Constitution.

While I salute you, Thackeray, for your burning commitment to the people of your State, I insist on Bharat Mata being united and single. To divide as we did with India and Pakistan is to weaken and wane. To remain unbreakable is to be strong and great.

V.R. Krishna Iyer,


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