We are culpable

All of us are, in some way, responsible for the young woman’s death. Even widespread protests cannot prevent crimes against women in other parts of the country. The culprits are no aliens; they are part of our so-called angry young India.

Candle light vigils and flowery tributes will be of no help until society changes. Neither police nor politicians can be assigned the task of changing the social outlook; the change needs to come from within and it will not come overnight.

Syed Abbas Haider,


We men are culpable. Because we have encouraged lewd jokes, sexist jibes and dirty talk about women; we don’t stop the flurry of bad language around us every day, in almost every gathering. For days now, the words “change the mindset” have been overused. But it has to begin with us men. It might, indeed, save me — men folk like me — from wallowing in depravity.

J.S. Acharya,


Men pass lewd comments on women on the streets, in buses/trains, molest them in crowds, harass them in workplace and rape a woman if they find that she is helpless. Parents treat their daughters with contempt.

There should be a drastic change in our outlook. Boys should have a good upbringing and be exposed to value based education.

B.A. Dhayalan,


The role of movies and TV serials in increasing crime against women has been conveniently overlooked by the media in its 24x7 coverage. Over years, scenes of rape, murder and violence have become frequent and disturbingly gory.

These have a tremendous influence on the behaviour of people in real life, even if they affect only a very small number. The movie clan should follow a voluntary code of restraint.

M. Balakrishnan,


The youth of this country, who expressed their sympathy so meticulously, would do well to mark this New Year eve for mourning and refrain from celebrating New Year bashes.

That would be the true salute to the brave girl who was brutalised.

S.V. Krishna,


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