Dec 20, 2014 05:30 PM
How an increasing number of people are greying with grace. What does it take to embrace your grey hair in an age when selfies reign supreme, where brunch is often a botox break and dress size is as much a status symbol as an Hermès Birkin? A growing
Dec 20, 2014 05:26 PM
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge remains in Mumbai theatres a 1,000 weeks after its release in 1995. Only Shah Rukh Khan could have done it without seeming totally ridiculous. And only he could have sustained it over almost 20 years, making it his trademark.
Dec 20, 2014 05:24 PM
A response to former Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju’s dismissal of the Indian veterans of World War I as mercenaries. The occasion of the centenary of World War I has in India focused attention on the country’s involvement in the conflic
Dec 20, 2014 04:45 PM
Dr. Sharad Paul on his recently released book Dermocracy, a personal guide to taking care of brown skin. For brown skin, by brown skin. Sharad Paul’s preamble to Dermocracy (Collins) is evocative in a country in which the definition of democracy i
Dec 20, 2014 05:19 PM
On the sidelines of the 11th Dubai International Film festival, three Arab women filmmakers speak about the stories behind their films. The just-concluded 11th Dubai International Film Festival (December 10-17, 2014), showcased a number of films by
Dec 20, 2014 05:26 PM
Tips on choosing a personal trainer. Just because your trainer has a good body does not mean he/she is the right one for you. A trainer plays a major role in how efficiently you can meet your fitness goals, stay motivated and without injuries. He/she sho
Dec 20, 2014 05:23 PM
Looking beyond four-letter words. I am going to begin this column with two commonly used words that cannot be published: f**k and ba****d. These are two simple examples from the large collection of abusive words that all of us process in our repertoire
Dec 20, 2014 05:22 PM
Addressing patriarchal entitlement is more crucial than teaching women to be safe. I am writing this a day before an unfortunate second anniversary, December 16, a day etched in our collective memory as signifying the horror and pain so many women experi
Dec 20, 2014 05:20 PM
Why December 25 has come to connote Christmas. Every year, millions of people celebrate, observe or stop to think of an event that is supposed to have occurred in December nearly 2000 years ago. Even people who are sticklers for facts and chronology, wor
Dec 20, 2014 05:16 PM
M.S. Viraraghavan and his wife Girija are trying to put India on the rose map of the world. He could be a monk. A character out of an early Herman Hesse novel, who left the busy world of the Indian Administrative Service, to disappear into the multi-peta
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